Liquid Pasteurised Egg



Product reference: EP-P02-2005/ GE

Product Description

SEVI®™ Egg White Powder is made from fresh shell eggs exclusively and does not contain any additive in order to ensure natural and original taste as well as compliance with safety requirements.

Specific advantages

— Safety: free of virus, salmonella and bacteria
— Natural and original taste of fresh eggs (no additives)
— Regular Stable Quality
— Very long time preservation: up to 6 months in a cool, clean and dry place
— Convenient: reduced storage space requirement, no refrigeration required
— Clean: Less waste and clean up expenses
— Cost effective: Reduced Labour and Wastage


SEVI®™ Egg White Powder comes under vacuum HDPE bag packaging in order to ensure the maximum safety and preservation.
Each bag has a net content of 1 kilogram of Egg White Powder equivalent to 299 fresh shell eggs (medium sizes) or equivalent to 10 litres of Egg White Liquid.

Quality and Tracing

Our process does not affect the qualities of fresh shell eggs while batching is ensuring consistence and stability of the product all year round.
Each bag carries its batch and lot numbers, which allows to trace the origin of the products.


Thanks to its manufacturing process, SEVI®™ Egg White Powder is free of virus, salmonella and other bacteria. The product is carrying SGS™ quality Certificates.


SEVI®™ Egg White Powder is suitable for all applications requiring natural Egg White.
In bakery and pastry
Thanks to its foaming and aeration characteristics, the volume of a beaten Egg White Powder can increase from six to eight times; acting as a natural leaven. Egg White is ideal for angel cake, white cake, meringue and candy and sponge cake . . .
In cooking and food processing industry
Egg White or albumen is a high protein content substance and that coagulates when heated, creats a rigid structure (gel strength) thanks to the albumen’s binding capacity.
Applications requiring Egg White gelling are cooked hams, smoked or processed products with gelatine, surimi (imitation of crab meat), fish cakes, meat analogues (soy products), high protein pasta and any recipe requires Egg White.
In energetic food and diet
As Egg White presents high protein content, it is particularly used in energetic food and preparations such as energetic powder for sport and bodybuilding, special food for convalescence etc.


SEVI®™ Egg White Powder is a dry and safe product that shall be kept in a cool, dry and clean place. It is recommended to keep this product under 25°C for a better preservation of its qualities (proteins and taste).

How to use the product

SEVI®™ Egg White Powder has to be recombined with water. One kilogram of Egg White Powder is equivalent to 10 litres of Liquid Egg White, that is to say around 299 fresh shell egg (medium size eggs). It is therefore necessary to add 9 litres of warm and potable water (max 50°C) to one kilo of powder. Generally, add 9 parts of water for 1 part of powder and mix thoroughly to obtain an uniform liquid. Allow rest about ten minutes and mix again.
Whenever Egg White Powder needs to be mixed with other dry ingredients such as wheat flour, it is recommended to blend dry ingredients first, and to add water later.

Nutrition information for 100 grams

Energy: 340 kcal
Proteins: minimum 75%
Fat: maximum 0.3%
Moisture: maximum12%
Ph value: 7.8 - 9.8


Total count: <50, 000 cfu/g
Total coliforms : < 10 cfu/g
Salmonella : Negative 25/g
Total Mould & Yeast : <1000 cfu/g

Limits of warranty

SEVI®™ Egg White Powder is sold with the understanding that the purchaser will store and use it in accordance with our instructions. Moreover, the purchaser will have to conduct tests to determine the suitability of SEVI®™ Egg White Powder for each specific use. Our warranty ceases at once the bag is opened.


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